Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Three days of mourning

And then the former king died, and the President announced three days of mourning... so much for our plan to go to the Ministry today in the hope of collecting permission for two of our Afghan colleagues to go to Jam to collect our ceramics for study! Saturday, at the earliest, which means they probably won't get a seat on the 10 seater flight on Sunday. We're starting to run out of time...
This season seems to have been blighted from the outset, but we're not alone in experiencing postponements and frustrations - I can think of several dig directors with larger teams who have had to deal with much greater 'inconveniences' (eg. various Gulf Wars, September 11th, etc.). And we'd a fairly relaxing day of data entry / standardisation, pot drawing and a tasty lunch at the Turquoise Mountain Foundation, courtesy of Rory.
Tomorrow, we have to vacate DAFA as Prof. Tarzi's team flies in... one advantage of the moves is that I've found my sunnies again!

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